Sunday, December 17, 2017

30 things I personally learn from 30 years of living

OK, so here you go. 

After 2 months of turning 30, I decided to write something based on what I've learnt in previous years of my life. So much hatred, anger, tears, laughters, excitement, leaning, and love, have brought me to where I am right now - which I gratefully happy about it.
  1. Always choose to be a good person - even you have every option to do the opposite.
  2. You need a credit card - to fulfill yourself on something you think you can't afford.
  3. Gojek is (by far) the best thing that's ever invented - can't imagine how life would be without it.
  4. Micellar water is the second best invention - taking from someone who always pray and wish and pray and wish that there will be a face cleaning robot someday.
  5. Grow your empath, it's the only way to balance your ego.
  6. Brows matters.
  7. It is more than OK to have a birthday without a partner.
  8. Invest in someone who loves you a little bit more than you love them - just a little bit. Because we all want to feel special.
  9. Don't fall in love with the potential of a person, it will crushed you so bad in the end.
  10. But do not afraid if one or two relationship fail because you fell for the expectation/potential, doesn't mean you won't meet the right person in the end.
  11. There will be someone who you'd call home - comforting and accepting. Who want to know everything about your day, even you life. Just because they want to be part of it, even if it's just a bit.
  12. You will meet someone that you can't get enough of. It's like you always craving for this person, every inch and detail of them.
  13. Karma does exist. Whether it's a good or bad karma.
  14. Make time to workout. You'll be very happy to see your abs starting to pop up,
  15. Sunblock is double very super important. Trust me, sun burn is not comfortable, at all.
  16. The tape on top of oil paper box is actually useful.
  17. Make time for your parents and family. They're getting old.
  18. Also, make time for 101 session with God. He'll always listen.
  19. Love doesn't have to always be the center of your life. You don't have to worry about when and who, it'll come.
  20. Appreciate quiet time. The older you get, the less amount of energy you have to face human being.
  21. Do not afraid to walk away. Bad situation, bad job, bad relationship. Everything that make you feel less appreciated.
  22. It is OK not to be OK. Seek for help if needed.
  23. Travel. As much as you can, as far as you can. It will teach you how to live life rightfully.
  24. Locals are the best teacher when you travel.
  25. Something that you initially hate, can turn to something you like the most.
  26. Appreciating someone else's time is a way to show them your respect.
  27. No matter how attractive a person physically, their brain is the most sexiest part of their body.
  28. Don't put a timeline for something you can't control. Sadness, healing process, personal growth - every person will have their define time to complete it.
  29. If you have the money, spend. Full service airline for long haul flight, business class seat, executive train, comfortable hotel room, exclusive villa, fancy meal, good meal, or newest useless gadget. You have earned it, you deserve it.
  30. Not everyone deserves your kindness. Some people is just a permanent asshole.
PS: happy new year, Hooman! More love and enjoyment to come! x